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 Tournament results (will update frequently)

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PostSubject: Tournament results (will update frequently)   Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:05 pm

Tournament first round results-Due to some unforeseen people not showing the fuck up (XD), we had a few match changes. But the first round went as follows!

Umnext vs Sivelsan! Winner, Sivelsan! (2-0)
EmanBeasty vs Belador (different deck)! (0-0)
Animerocks10223 vs Belador! Winner, Animerocks10223! (2-0)
JsaJeff vs Devilpink! Winner, Jsajeff! (2-1)

Round 2-

Jsajeff vs Animerock10223! Winner Animerock10223 (2-0)
Belador (different deck) vs Sivelsan! (0-0)


AnimeRocks10223 vs. Sivelsan! Winner Sivelsan! (2-1)
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Tournament results (will update frequently)
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