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 Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol

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Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol Empty
PostSubject: Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol   Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 4:51 am

As I see that noone even bothers to write something on here I`ll start with introducing some normal to weird decks I run myself. They are not meant to be good or competitive but work just well enough for beginners so I might as well post them here :3

Welp first up are Neo Spacians. As I know that most new people like GX decks and in particular Hero decks, this might find someone who likes it. Well Neo Spacians are a series of cards that are mostly inconsistent but fun to play. The main monsters in this deck should be Elemental Hero Neos, Elemental Hero Neos Alius, Elemental Hero Prisma, Neo Spacian Grand Mole and Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird. You of course can use cards like Neo Spacian Flare Scarab and Aqua dolphin or Neo Space Pathfinder but try to refrain from Glow Moss and Dark Panther as they are mostly useless in todays cardgame. As your spell cards you can use Miracle Contact, Convert Contact, Common Soul, A Hero Lives, Neo Space, Instant Neo Space, Contact Out, Wrath of Neos, Neos Force and O-Oversoul. Of Course don`t forget staple spells like Mystical Space Typhoon or Dark Hole. The only Archetype Specific Trap Card you should use is Hero Blast the rest of the traps should be Staple Traps like Bottomless Traphole and Breakthrough Skill.

Well now to show you one of the combos you can pull of with this deck.

You have Wrath of Neos, O-Oversoul, Elemental hero Prisma in hand and proceed to summon Prisma and dump Elemental Hero Neos to the graveyard. Then you activate Wrath of Neos to nuke the field and shuffle Prisma into your deck. Then you activate O-Oversoul and Summon Neos. After that you attack your opponent with a solid 2500 direct damage. This can create a great advantage against some decks.

Another Combo is to activate A Hero Lives to summon Prisma and activate his effect to dump neos to the graveyard and then summon the other one from your hand to the field and Contact fuse to Air Neos. Assuming that you had 8000 lp and your Opponent had too your Air Neos will have 6500 atk points. If you activate Neo Space and O-Oversoul you can OTK your opponent with this combo.

Another kind of OTK with Air Neos is to attack with him and then activating Contact out to Summon Neos and air Hummingbird and then again attack directly.

Welp this is it for now from me. Idk what deck I`m going to introduce next but it most likely will be Gagaga.
Till then, have a nice time.
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Posts : 11
Join date : 2014-07-13
Age : 21

Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol   Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 5:20 pm

Oh well I`m bored so I might as well introduce another deck. I told you it`s gagaga but fuck that we`re gonna do my favorite archetype in the game "Crystal Beasts".

Well first off I might as well say that there are many types of Crystal beast decks. Most of them have the same monsters as the main part but with some minor changes the playstyle changes completely. And well now to the introduction of the monsters.

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus:
This guy is the core of the deck. He searches a CB from your deck and puts them were they should be, the S/T zone. His stats aren`t that bad either, with 1800 atk he can run over some few monsters. Anyways this card should always be played at 3 as he is the start of many, many, many combos.

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle:
This little thing is our spammer. He is what makes Crystal Beasts something slightly competitive. Just imagine the havoc that is gonna be wrecked by that 4 Monsters he can summon from you S/T (of course only with the help of Rainbow ruins). Basically he was Soul Charge before Soul Charge even existed. I`d advise to use him at 2-3. 3 Carbuncle can clog very badly.

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger:
The beater of the deck. Wanna run over a Raiden or a Thunder King? Tiger is the man for that. He`s not used for much after that though...well run 1-2 of him in the deck.

Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle:
This guy might look useless at first glance. Well without XYZ he would be pretty useless but beware, he and Pegasus together can summon Lightning Chidori and trust me you will need Chidori more often than you can even imagine. Run 2-3 of him too.

Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise:
Basically a defense block with mediocre defense and a not so useable effect. I don`t advise anyone to use him. Run 0 or 1 if you really want too.

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat:
Seriously 600 damage isn`t really worth our precious normal summon. Run 0

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth:
This guy may seem god at first but look at him. His eff might have been good if he had 1900 or 2000 atk. But with a meager 1700 atk points he is not really useable. Run 0 or 1 but I still advise 0.

So these were the CB monsters there are. Well most of you think Rainbow Dragon when I say Crystal Beasts but fuck Rainbow Dragon, he is not worth the trouble. I won`t use him and don`t expect to win when you use a deck dedicated to him. He might look strong at first but he can be removed rather easily and then you sit there with your 7 banished Crystal Beasts. Have fun with that.

Now to the other Monsters that are used in this deck.

Summoner Monk:
Basically the only monster used in any kind of CB deck. He relieves you from clogging Spell cards in your hand and summons you a Sapphire Pegasus. Awesome ain`t he? After that you can Xyz those 2 to have a Heartlandraco on field that is immune to attacks as I like to say. Good card run at 2.

Scrap Beast:
Only used in Synchro CBs and advised at 1-2. The only plus he has is that he is a lvl 4 Beast type monster and can be revived with Ayers Rock Sunrise.

On we go to the Spell cards of our deck, the most important part I`d say.

Ancient City Rainbow Ruins:
The best Field Spell Card in the game. It negates Spell and Trap cards, halves damage, gives draws, can`t be destroyed and can even Special summon a CB from our S/T zone! Run 2-3. This card can give your opponent a hard time.

Crystal Abundance:
This is the card that saves us in dire situations. When you seem lost and have 4 CB stacked in your S/T zone, this will swipe your opponents field without destroying the cards. After that? It fuckin Special summons CB Monsters from your deck to the amount of the cards of your OP that got sent to the graveyard. This can turn into your win fast. Use 1 in control decks and 2-3 in Turbo variants.

Crystal Beacon:
SS a CB from your deck while you have 2 CB in your S/T Zone? Why not? I mean imagine a Carbuncle in there. That`s like reviving 2 monsters and having an extra at the cost of nothing. run at 3.

Crystal Blessing:
Grab 2 CBs from your gravey and put them in the S/T zone. Good effect that can make a nice combo with Beacon. Though it slows down somewhat so I advise it to be used at 2 in control builds and at 0 in turbo builds.

Crystal Release:
Adds consistency to the deck and searches a CB after being destroyed. Great right? Well run 2 in most variants.

Crystal Tree:
Arguably the best Spam agent we have after Carbuncle. This card grabs CBs for every CB that was sent to the S/T while it was open on the field. run 2 cause 3 is too cloggy.

Rare Value:
Our pot of greed. Run 2-3 in Turbo builds and 0-1 in control builds.

Crystal Promise:
Free Monster Reborn?!? Well not that needed in Control but you have to run it at 3 for turbo!

Ayers Rock Sunrise:
Grabs a Scrap Beast, Pegasus or Tiger and lowers the Opponents atk? Good right? Use at 2 in any build.

Soul Charge:
It basically is an emergency tech as we don`t have that much LP to spend either way. Run 1

Dark Hole:
Well we loose nothing. Our Opponent looses quite some shit. Run at 1

It`s the traps turn right? Well to put it bluntly, our themed Traps are pure garbage so I advise you to not use them. If you want you can try to use them, but it won`t get you anything good. But if you have any good results with them, I`d like to see how :3 Well we use few traps but there are some necessary traps we absolutely need to win.

Torrential Tribute:
Same as Dark Hole

Bottomless Trap Hole:
cause banishing is in season

Compulsory Evacuation Device:
Removes shit like Midrash right Anime?

Mirror Force:
I don`t use it in Turbo or Synchro variants but it is pretty good in Control CBs.

Pinpoint guard:
Kind of good in control but not that good in there either.

Well basically Traps are the enemies of CB so never use continous Traps.

Now the last part, the extra deck. The thing that made this shitty deck viable.

Lightning Chidori:
Getting rid of annoying shit and surprise rapes? Awesome! Run 2-3

Number 82: Heartlandraco:
This card can cause potential 4000 direct damage and stall a bit. Pretty good card for dire situations. run 1-2

Number 103: Ragna Zero:
Good against Bujins and Fire fist. And that`s about it. Oh and Noble Knoobs. run 1

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK:
Grabs your opponents SS`d monster? Do I need to explain this? run 1-2

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon:
Nuke the Monster Zone and proceed to direct attacking! Run 1

Harpies Phantasmal Dragon:
Good card but we have Heartlandraco. It has it`s pros but it is not all that needed. You can run him at 1

Constellar Hyades:
Have 2 Carbuncle on field and don`t want them? Use them to summon this. You can get some advantage from him too but his main use is to get out M7. run at 1

Constellar Ptolemy M7:
Overlay him to Hyades and revive shiet. run at 1

Diamond Dire Wolf:
No Downside for us. We just put a Pegasus or a Tiger to the S/T zone and destroy an opponents monster. Good for us right? Run 1

Daigusto Emeral:
Good at times for us. Since the release of Ayers Rock and Soul Charge we actually don`t need this card that badly.

Now for the Synchros of Synchro CBs

Stardust Dragon:
Do I need to Explain? run 1-2

Scrap Dragon:
Same as Diamond Dire Wolf just stronger and better. Combos well with Ancient Ruins Run 1

Black Rose Dragon:
An Emergency nuke. Run 1

Red Dragon Archfiend:
Can be used for some idiotic sorcery with Hyades. Run at preference

And that`s about all I have to say about Crystal Beasts. Have fun with this shitty but fun deck!
Tilll next time have fun!
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Imma try making some of my decks more popular lol
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